Upper Limb and Other Conditions

As a Hand & Wrist Surgeon I treat all disorders of the elbow, upper limb nerve entrapments and some shoulder conditions. I have extensive training in knee surgery and offer expertise in fractures around the knee, knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and knee replacement surgery.

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Elbow Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)
Many conditions can be treated using keyhole surgery. Often injuries can cause stiff elbows or injury to the cartilage. Keyhole surgery can be used to diagnose and treat these disorders.
Tennis Elbow
This painful condition happens to non-tennis players too! It is caused by degeneration of specific muscle tendons near the outside of the elbow and is also known as lateral epiconylitis. It often only needs injections but sometimes requires surgery which can be performed keyhole.
These types of fractures can be treated both with and without an operation depending on the type and demands of the patient.
Golfer's Elbow
Again, not just for golfers! This is a similar condition to Tennis Elbow but involves the inside part of the elbow. Its medical name is medial epicondylitis and the treatment is similar to Tennis Elbow.
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
This is caused when the ulnar nerve (the "funny bone") is entrapped at the elbow and causes pins and needles and numbness in the hand on the same side as the little finger. It is often worse at night and can come on when the elbow is bent for prolonged periods of time. I offer endoscopic release if appropriate as well as the more invasive open procedure with or without nerve transposition.
Radial Tunnel Syndrome/Resistant Tennis Elbow
This is also called "Resistant Tennis Elbow". It is an uncommon entrapment of the radial nerve near the elbow.
Elbow Dislocation and Ligament Injuries
I treat these injuries with therapy and surgery if need be. Often an MRI scan is needed to assess the damage. They can be troublesome.
Elbow Arthritis
I see and treat elbow arthritis.
Elbow Fractures
See Fractures Section.


Knee Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)
I offer keyhole surgery for painful knees and meniscal injuries. Cruciate ligament injuries are not treated and should be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in sports injuries.
Knee Arthritis and Knee Replacement
I offer treatment for knee arthritis and knee replacement if needed.
Achilles Tendon Rupture
I treat acute and delayed Achilles tendon injuries with operative repair and an early mobilisation protocol. This means that my patients do not need to wear a plaster cast after their operation. Many patients prefer this method of treatment as it allows them to get about much easier (and also wash their limb during the recuperation!)

An Important Note from Mr. Grieve

As per the Hippocratic Oath I firstly endeavour to 'do no harm' by my treatment. However no surgery is without complications and this must be recognised. All my fracture patients will receive follow up by a physiotherapist and/or hand therapist to maximise their results after surgery.